Pair of 166g Royal Profit Putt & Approach - 1st Run - TJM0091

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This listing is for the exact discs pictured.

Limited edition 'Coin' stamp with "In Mint We Trust".

It is a pair of 166g, 1st run, Profits ~ Mint Disc's debut putt & approach disc, in Royal Plastic.

Serial # RO-PR01-19

Flight Ratings: Speed 2 / Glide 3 / Turn 0 / Fade 2

Mint says this about the Profit:

"The Profit is our third disc, and first putt & approach disc. While we don't want to call it the next Alpha, it's safe to say this is that putter that gets pretty close. It covers a plethora of shots, as a slighty overstable putter or easy to range driving disc.

Royal plastic is our "pro grade" plastic. The benefit to this plastic over Sublime, Apex or Eternal is the superior grip in all conditions. The tacky feel is uniquely soft yet firm. Royal plastic is also an ideal option if you want to it to wear in or "season" faster. Typically this type of plastic will get a straighter flight as it wear's in and loses it's high speed stability.

This "Coin" stamp was designed by Cliff Franks(aka Nefarioc) a life long friend of one of our founders, Guy Boyan. Visit Cliffs website( to support him and learn more about his amazing work."