New Style! Square Dri Pawz - Bright

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The Fronts and Backs are different.  There are photos of both sides for each variant so you can choose the exact one you like!

These measure in at 3.5" x 3.5" after being filled.

Dri Pawz are a hand drying tool made from a cotton fabric and filled with rock powder/silica.

You control powder release by how you handle the Dri Pawz.  Lightly handling it will result in smaller amounts of powder, whereas clapping with it will release more.

The silica beads in Dri Pawz keep the rock powder dri and are rechargeable.  To recharge them, bake your Dri Pawz on a cookie sheet or piece of foil at 250`F for 2 hours.

Keep dry and in an airtight container.  The loop tag works to hang it by a carabiner for easy access during frequent use times.

Dri Pawz are handmade.  No two are exactly alike; however, your satisfaction is guaranteed.  Please contact us if you have any concerns or problems.