Classic H.O.T.T. COTO 174g Apex Jackalope Fairway Driver - TJM0379

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Limited Edition Classic H.O.T.T. art by ZAMdesign on sweet MINT plastic!  Only 75 Apex Jackalopes were made with the 2008 COTO reissue of Alien, Fire, & Human

This listing is for the exact disc pictured.  It is a 174g Jackalope ~ Mint Disc's Fairway Driver in Apex Plastic.


Approximate Flight Ratings:  Speed 8 / Glide 5 / Turn -2 / Fade 1

Mint says this about the Jackalope:

"The Jackalope is our second fairway driver. It's an easy thrower that will almost every skill level has a need for. The slightly understable flight makes it the ultimate line shaper in the woods and can provide big distance with a tail wind."